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Welcome to A&A Business Furniture, where we plan and create the work environment that you deserve. Proudly, we are one of the best suppliers of first-class furniture for every space, office, and business room. Whenever you’re ready to leverage your office space or set up your business, come to us to plan the office space that will keep you and your employees efficient and fresh throughout the whole day.

Read on to discover what options we offer and the details of our services. You’ll get to see why we are a popular company serving Winchester, Southampton, and Eastleigh.

Office Design and Space Planning

We have amassed extensive experience over the years in all types of industries and commercial applications. So, we are well-versed in all areas related to office space planning and business furniture. From interior design consultation to actual implementation of that design, we’ve seen it all. So ,we can assist you with any design you envision for your office space. The good news is that we don’t stop at just design.

We start by consulting you on your space, planning your space together, then move on to delivery and installation at the end to fill out that space. From classical styles to more colourful ones, we supply a broad range of business furniture to bring you full comfort even on stressful workdays inside your space. We have ergonomic desks, chairs, tables, and storage units; besides, we would like to guide you throughout the selection and design with our office space planning service.

You’ll see that working with us is very convenient since our flexible options are only limited by your imagination and our unrivalled design skills. Even when it comes to budgetary constraints, we have economic options, luxury furniture products, and everything in between for your space.

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Office Space Planning That Works for Your Business 

Over the years, we have learned that every space inside an office is unique, and every design is distinguishable. At A&A Business Furniture, our professional team plans your office space to fit your furniture effectively and avoid traffic. Our clients love how we conduct thorough space planning and design for their office place, and the devil is in the details. We work on perfecting every detail to give you the best new space after its been drawn up. 

An office space designed to inspire and motivate your employees

Throughout the week, you and your staff spend at least 40 hours in the space inside your office. The indoor space is worth investing in because it’s not just about aesthetics. It is about employee happiness, motivation, and productivity. In fact, studies show that the space of your office is one of the main factors affecting the well-being and motivation of your employees, and consequently, their success and productivity.  

As the studies show, a poor office design leads to higher stress levels, resentment, bickering, and mental health problems. Without the ergonomic office furniture that we can provide, even physical issues like backaches can arise. When you’re investing in design planning for the space of your office, you’re investing in better collaboration, comfort, and more focus. 

What are the benefits of office space planning?

  • You don’t have to relocate your office to get more space 
  • It offers a stress-free space for more productivity  
  • Attract and retain talent with an outstanding office environment 
  • Enhance employee happiness and comfort in the office space 
  • Allows for innovative ideas to flow seamlessly between office departments

What is office space planning? 

Office space planning is all about organisation and layout to make the space of your office look comfortable and tidy. We plan on where to put your office furniture in a way that maximises space to avoid traffic and cramming. 

Space organisation needs experience and professionalism, along with interior design skills being invaluable for such an endeavour. Instead of wasting your time, we can take care of organising the space of your office, while you focus completely on your business goals. 


We Plan  

After listening to your needs and vision, it’s time to conduct space planning and analyse your office. Every customer utilises their office layout differently, so that’s why we take our time to listen to your valuable input and construct the space office layout in parallel. 


We Design 

Design is a more complex undertaking than space planning since it requires more than just rearranging your old desks. Here, we embark together on a journey to select office furniture, manipulate your lighting layout, select appropriate decor while leaving empty office space on purpose.

During this phase, we go into the depth of the space planning to make sure your space is optimised. For instance, we focus on specific areas like department interaction, seating and desk orientations, office furniture specifications, operational and technical requirements, lighting equipment. More importantly, we take into consideration the time of the project as well as the budget. 

Now you know why you need a professional company to bring out the best of your office but read on to discover the true benefits entailed in office space optimisation. 

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Why Choose Us? 

At A&A Business Furniture, our aim is to build rapport with our clients and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all of them and not just optimise their space. Over the years, our people-first mindset and dedication enabled us to establish a loyal client base with recurring customers and fruitful partnerships. We’re proud to call some companies our partners, which include but are not limited to Allermuir, Elite, Torasen, and James Tobias.  


A design and space planning team who understands your business’ key objectives 

Space planning and design are the foundations on which you build your company culture. So, we prioritise our customer-centric approach and listen to the story of your business and its key objectives before space optimisation. When we understand your company’s dynamics, culture, vision, and mission, we can make a relevant office design that will make you satisfied. 



If you are still hesitant about hiring us to undertake an office design layout to optimise your office space, make sure to check our testimonials page. This way, you will have an idea about how we do things and the satisfaction of our client base with our work. 



Even if for inspiration purposes, take a minute to look at our rich gallery of past successful projects. This way, you’ll get new ideas, and it will help you envision what we have in mind. A picture speaks a thousand words. 


Other Services Provided  

Of course, space planning and design are just one of our specialities. We can help you in many other ways, especially during your moving and relocation. Besides, we offer our project management and consulting services. Even better, we can take you on showroom tours to help you select specific designs and office furniture for your space. 


Moving and Relocation 

Sometimes you have to move and relocate for strategic purposes; however, before you relocate, you’ll have to think about how to plan your space. It is vital to have a proper plan in place to smoothly move all your assets into that space. 


Consulting and Partnership  

After discussing your office space planning vision with our professional team, you can leave the bulk of the work for us. Not only do our experts advise you on office furniture products, but they also leverage your vision with their expertise. They let you know what more can be done with the existing office furniture selections.  

You’ll be surprised by the specific and tailored models that our design experts can create for your space. Practical and theoretical design conflict with each other more often than not, so we advise on what space can be optimised and work on perfecting the vision for your space. We can iterate on the vision and come up with something outstanding for your office space. 


Project Management 

Restructuring and refurbishing your office space or even changing the design altogether is a complex endeavour. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that office designs are undertaken seamlessly and end up over budget and with months of delays. Here at A&A Furniture, we relieve you from the burden of planning your next space project. Also, we offer you a high-quality project management service to keep all your tasks on track to optimise your space. 

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