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Employees spend most of their time sitting at their desk, putting out their best creative and administrative work. With this in mind, the importance of supportive office chairs is usually overlooked, but A&A Business Furniture knows better. Ensure that you and your employees have high quality, comfortable office chairs by browsing our impressive range.  

We boast a wide selection of office chairs suited to your office needs, aesthetic, and colour scheme. Our company is the one-stop station for all your office chair needs, no matter what you’re looking for! We also cater to Southampton, Winchester, and Eastleigh, delivering chairs and other services.  

Local Office Furniture 

Whether your business is located in Southampton, Winchester, or Eastleigh, you can be sure to find your dream office chairs at A&A Business Furniture. We have made our services available locally precisely for our customers’ convenience. Our Southampton-based headquarters gladly extends its services to nearby areas in hopes of making quality office chairs available to businesses around the area.  

The Number One Supplier of Office Chairs 

Our quality task seating underpins employee comfort and productivity. In line with the different demands of different workplaces, our selection spans various types of office chairs so that you can find the perfect look and colour scheme for your office. You can opt for a more classic style of chairs or upgrade to additional features, like height and back adjustment.  

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The Best Office Chairs Available 

Our firm belief is that employee comfort is a mainstay of any quality business to achieve optimum productivity and staff satisfaction. Chairs play a massive role in this regard. As a result, our team have painstakingly curated the best range of office chairs on the market, ensuring that you get first-class seating no matter what you end up choosing.  

Ergonomic comfort is a given with our office chairs, offering you and your employees a comfortable, easily mobile, and fluid option for navigating your desk. With unparalleled lumbar support, our office desk chairs guarantee that you wont have to keep getting up and sitting back down to relieve the ache of low-quality desk chairs. You need not worry about perpetual interruptions to your workflow when our chairs have got your back! 

Soft Seating 

Soft seating is better suited to communal areas like lobbies, lunch halls, and the like, which is why we offer a wide variety of plush chairs and sofas for maximum comfort. Combining both aesthetics and comfort, your employees and customers alike will love your well-designed workplace. Our catalogue of chairs is well-rounded, with options covering the entire colour spectrum, so youll definitely find the perfect fit for a sleek final look. 


Task Seating 

Why not invest in specialised task seating to make long stretches of sitting down easier on your employees? The ergonomic design of our chairs, coupled with height adjustment options, protects your workers’ backs and enhances their productivity. The convenient armrests and lumbar-supported backs of these chairs are uniquely tailored to any office space.   

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Why Choose Us? 

Getting your hands on our office chairs only requires a simple phone call! Simply communicate your requirements to our team to get their tailored recommendations on what chairs are best for you. Once youve set your heart on your dream office furniture, well seamlessly handle its delivery to your premises hassle-free, whenever its convenient for your schedule. Have we mentioned that our delivery service is completely free of charge?  

Supplying a Broad Selection of Office Furniture 

We dont just draw the line at office chairs! Check out our impressive range of office furniture to equip your workspace with the best fixtures out there. 


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Aside from chairs, no office space is complete without desks. These sleek surfaces provide optimum surfaces on which your team can carry out all sorts of creative tasks. The built-in drawers and cabinets also provide valuable storage space to keep your office environment clutter-free. Our professional desk designs are sure to provide a sleek finish to any office, available in a range of colours, sizes, and shapes.  


Pods and Booths 

These little safe havens give your employees the space and quiet they need to deliver their best work, without isolating them completely from the rest of the office. Cut down on noise pollution and workplace distractions by requesting a personalised office pod delivery service! 


Clutter is not conducive to workplace productivity, especially when items can never be found when theyre needed. Not to mention that a messy office space is visually upsetting to both your employees and visiting customers. You can achieve optimum organisation levels with our selection of storage spaces, ranging from cabinets to drawers, and much more.  


Our Office Planning Service 

An office layout has to be easy to navigate, facilitate communication, and provide a pleasant working ambience. This isnt easy to achieve without a proper plan in place. Introducing our office planning service, our team of experts will lay the groundwork for an optimised office plan! Well determine where to place your office furniture to maximise every corner of the existing space. With our help, you can ensure an impeccable, modern workplace that is easy on the eye.  

Delivery and Installations 

Office furniture can be bulky to deliver, especially when you have to do it yourself. We take the reins on the matter and provide all clients with a top-of-the-line delivery service to get your furniture on-site, on time and in perfect condition. We even go the extra mile to install certain office units that demand additional care.  

Our versatile and flexible approach means that you can fit us into your schedule whenever its most convenient. All our UK customers can benefit from this service for absolutely zero charges. 


Dont take our word for it! Feel free to read our testimonials from previous office projects weve worked on with our customers. They are more than happy to relay their satisfaction with our superb customer service, helpful team members, and quality office furniture.  

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Should you have any enquiries about any of our services, feel free to contact us at your convenience! We are available by phone (0800 376 9618)and email ( for your direct contact.  

You can also complete our contact form online with your message, and well reach out to you via your preferred method of communication. Why put off your dream office any longer? Get in touch with our office furniture specialists today for a customised, professional service that you wonfind anywhere else!